The Foundation
for First Responders & Firefighters


The Foundation for First Responders and Firefighters funds grants of equipment to assist first responder agencies in performing their jobs both more safely and more effectively. The focus of these grants is on equipment and training that can be used by multiple agencies, thus leveraging the impact of the grant.

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“The fire simulator that F1F provided is proving to be an invaluable and popular tool for fire fighter training. The ability to use it state-wide provides great leverage from this piece of equipment. It is tremendously valuable to have these experiences in training, so that we are prepared for the real thing!”

— Frederick Clark Training Committee (Volunteer Firefighters Association)


Frederick Clark talks about the value of providing fire simulators to regional organizations.

All training programs developed and produced by the FSF are available for free download from our distribution partner, Fire Engineering magazine and are the leading information sources for fire training information; we are proud to be associated with them.

The Pilot Program

F1F began with a pilot program that funded the purchase of a fire simulator by the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Association. This propane-powered, computer-controlled simulator allowed firefighters the chance to “fight” a real fire with minimal risk using non-toxic substances, and thus gain valuable experience “off the job” so that their “on the job” performance would be safe and more effective.

Selected personnel from the association were qualified on the simulator as trainers, and the
equipment is now in rotation throughout the state during the year as fire departments take their turn training with it. The feedback from that program was extraordinarily positive, and so we used that pilot program as the model for programs in other states.

Program Expansion

Based on the success of the pilot program F1F is now funding the purchase of equipment and training
nationwide. This equipment or training is used on either a regional basis or on a
cross-agency basis (for example, by both fire and law enforcement agencies). F1F also produces free
video training programs that can be used by multiple kinds of first responder organizations (such as
fire, police, EMS, etc.).

Equipment Grants

Hope Jackson, RI Fire Company

$20,500 for extrication equipment and training

Muddy Brook, CT Fire Department

$15,700 for automated CPR system

Avinger, TX VFD

$20,000 for command trailer

Brevard County, FL Fire & Rescue

$10,000 for fire simulator

Buchanan Valley, PA VFD

$16,000 for forcible door and training

Clayton County, GA Fire Dept

$20,000 for thermal imagers

Dutchess County, NY Emergency Response

$10,000 for fire simulator

El Mirage, AZ Fire Department

$11,000 for fire simulator

Greenville, SC Fire Department

$15,000 for fire simulator

Massachusetts Call Volunteer Fire Association

$10,000 for fire simulator

New Alexandria, PA VFD

$11,500 for water rescue gear

Newcastle, ME Fire Company

$12,000 for fire simulator

Rockford, IL

$18,000 for forcible entry training equipment

Vandalia, OH Fire Division

$15,000 for smoke training system

Waupun, WI Fire Department

$7000 for fire simulator

Hurricane, WV

$16,100 for AEDs for police cruisers

Southwestern New Hampshire District Mutual Aid

$20,000 for thermal insult trainings throughout the district

Avoca, PA Fire Department

$12,300 for forcible training props and gear

Reedsburg, WI Ambulance Service

$12,500 for training manikin and supplies

Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center, OH

$10,300 for training SCBA

Valley Regional Fire Rescue, Drums PA

$13,000 for rescue boat and tripod

Marion Community Fire Department, Marion, MI

$12,400 for an unmanned aerial  vehicle