The Foundation
for First Responders & Firefighters


The Foundation for First Responders and Firefighters (F1F) is a special project of the Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The purpose of this special project is to expand the training and grants that FSF currently makes available to firefighters and fire departments to the full range of first responders, and to support projects on a regional basis.

Several hundred first responders die in the line of duty every year, and many times that number are injured – all while working to save citizens’ lives and keep our communities safe. While there are many reasons for these line of duty deaths and injuries, inadequate training and equipment is often cited as a major cause of them. This is where our programs help.

“There has been considerable progress, but the remaining need for (firefighter) training is still extensive.”

— Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service

“As the breadth and scope of what it means to be a firefighter has expanded, the necessity for training within the fire service has grown.”

— National Volunteer Fire Council, White Paper on Volunteer Firefighting

“Untrained firefighters responding to emergencies can be unsafe, dangerous, and inefficient”


— National Volunteer Fire Council, White Paper on Volunteer Firefighting

Who are First Responders?

First Responders are those brave men and women who respond to emergencies in our communities and protect the public. They include firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics, search & rescue teams, emergency management personnel, and others. Many of these first responders are paid professionals, while others are volunteers. Every community, from the largest metropolitan area to the smallest rural town, depends on their first responders to save lives and keep the peace during emergencies ranging from a medical call involving one victim, to large-scale disasters that affect entire states for months.

The Ever Expanding Role of First Responders

As our nation becomes more sophisticated about managing emergencies, first responders are called upon to work in many more types of them than ever before. A multi-agency approach to emergency management is now the norm, and the effective management of many different agencies at large-scale scenes is a critical problem. At the other end of the scale, individual first responders now face a greater variety and intensity of personal threats than ever before.

How we help

We address two major causes of first responder injuries and deaths, as well as help first responders do their jobs more effectively, in two main ways. We develop, produce, and distribute to first responders, for free, training programs about current threats and issues. We also expand on the equipment grants that FSF makes to individual fire agencies with a program to provide life-saving equipment to regional first responder organizations.

Taking the Lead in Active Shooter Response

The Foundation for First Responders and Firefighters took the lead in promoting the Rapid Response & Treatment model of active shooter response. Developed with inter-agency cooperation in Hillsboro, Oregon, this approach is the most practical and proven method for dealing with these horrific events. F1F has produced several video training programs on the model which are available, for free, to all first responders. In addition we have produced, and continue to offer, day-long seminars on it, presented by its developers.

  • “Informative outside-the-box thinking”
  • “Being from Fire/EMS this is a refreshing model and badly needed…Excellent job. I admire what you are doing.”
  • “This is the best plan for AS (Active Shooter) casualty care that I’ve seen.”
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